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Landscape photography Thumbnail

January 1st, 2023

An afternoon walk on the beach, during a grey winter day...

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Urbex photography Thumbnail

Lost places

Some new old images from long forgotten places ...

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Product photography Thumbnail

Product Photography

Low key experiments with a sweet potato ...

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Aimédoh Thumbnail


Aimédoh performance at the 2022 Network day by Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen...

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Beheerwerken Natuurpunt Thumbnail

Beheerwerken Natuurpunt

Winter preparations and cleanup by Natuurpunt volunteers in the Sint-Onolfspolder nature reserves...

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Concert GingerPig Thumbnail

Ginger Pig Band

Ginger Pig concert in the Honky Tonk Jazz Club ...

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Mek'drdr Thumbnail

Mek'drdr @ Spectakulo

The crazy talented ladies of Mek'drdr band, performing at Spectakulo festival 2022.

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Kastelen van de Schelde Thumbnail

Paul De Visscher

An analog portrait series of Paul De Visscher in his workshop...

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VVZW Khabaz Thumbnail

VVZW Khabaz @ Lokaalmarkt

Khabaz provides a bar and the children's workshop with newcomers at the local market. Photo report for Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen.

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The Medic

The Medic

Military medic, portret shoot.

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Kastelen van de Schelde Thumbnail


Official presentation and opening of the project "Kastelen van de Schelde" 

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Lander & Adriaan Thumbnail

Lander & Adriaan

Combining electronic sounds and drums... the live show of Lander & Adriaan at Spectakkulo festival was absolutely stunning!

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Lady Lucy Thumbnail

Lady Lucy

A boudoir shoot in a 19th century baroque mansion in Antwerp...

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Nele Thumbnail


A studio shoot after a long summer day ...

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Goed Geknot Thumbnail

Goed Geknot

Presentation and networking event 'Goed Geknot' by Regionaal Landschap Schelde-Durme.

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Goed Geknot Thumbnail

Charlotte Gainsbourgh

Charlotte Gainsbourg, performing in Ancienne Belgique (2018) and at Lokerse Feesten (2019).

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